The Advantages of Getting a Phlebotomy Certificate Online

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The Advantages of Getting a Phlebotomy Certificate Online

A phlebotomy certificate online is not the same thing as official certification—which is taking a national exam and completed many hours of in-person training. However, a certificate of completion may help you get a job as a Phlebotomist and elevate you to a higher caliber than the competition.

Phlebotomy is a growing career field as it’s expected to increase in demand over the next decade, from hospitals and clinics to blood banks, nursing homes and even private home care companies. Phlebotomists don’t make huge money but they do make a good income and have job stability—great perks considering that a certificate course doesn’t take long at all. (As little as six weeks!)

Phlebotomist salaries differ according to location and the type of facilities that employs the worker. For instance, New York phlebotomists make upwards of $35,000 a year, but small town phlebotomists may only make $23,000. In general, hospitals and larger clinics pay more than private practices.

Is there a way to make more money? In addition to getting a phlebotomy certificate online, becoming certified as a donor phlebotomy technician is a smart career move. This will allow you to work in blood banks. You may even find that self-employment or contracting work can make you more money than clinics or hospitals. Besides this, you could up your salary by pursuing a degree and reaching higher for a medical career, or by being promoted to a supervisory job. You could even reach out to related positions of lab technician, EKG technician, or lab administrator.

A phlebotomy certificate online is a start, since this will give you an advantage over other applicants who would have to be trained before starting work. With this training, you will already be ready to start work. You can also expect nice perks when you work with a hospital or clinic, such as covered health care, pension, education reimbursement, sick days, bonuses, insurance, and time off. All of these benefits added with your salary actually brings the final phlebotomist salary to over $43,000.

Keep your options open and apply everywhere upon completion of your certificate. Remember, you can work in a hospital, within a government health agency, or even in a blood bank. You can find more information about a phlebotomy certificate online by looking into accredited schools that offer this area of specialization. A new and rewarding career is waiting for you!

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