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Lincoln Tech
Lincoln Tech is a technical institute which provides career oriented courses so that candidates can excel in their field successfully. It has more than 50 campuses in 17 different sates under the primary name of Lincoln. Various programs offered by this institution are automotive, culinary, health sciences, business, IT, Spa and Cosmetology and Skill trades.

Fortis is bunch of colleges and institutes which offers candidates with lots of programs to choose from. It is situated in 15 states with more than 40 campuses. Different fields on offer are nursing, medical technologists, business, dental, IT, Skilled trades, commercial driving and beauty and wellness. Option for Online courses is also offered by Fortis.

Bryant and Stratton University
Bryant and Stratton University is primarily based in New York but is also present in different states like Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. Established in 1854 this college has changed the way people look at high quality education. There are differ fields to chose from such as accounting, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, business and so on. Associate degree as well as bachelor’s degree is provided by this university.

Penn Foster Career School
Penn Foster Career School is a distance learning school and is based in Pennsylvania. It helps in providing candidates with high school diploma, diplomas certificates, bachelor’s degree and associate degrees in various fields such as drafting, business, technology, legal studies, education and many more. Military education is also provided by this university and is first Distance University to do that.

University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix offers more than 100 degrees in the different field. It has more than 204 campuses including learning centers. Online degrees are also offered by University of Phoenix. Degrees vary from associate degree to doctoral degrees and also include bachelors and master degree. Online courses are also available.

Kaplan University
Kaplan University is predominantly famous for its distance courses but also has campuses all over the states. Certificates, diplomas, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and associate degree are offered by this university. Candidates can opt for online courses or visit the nearest learning centers. Different programs are available such as Art and science, IT, business and many more from which students can choose easily.

Virginia College
Virginia College main campus is based in Alabama and offers associate, bachelors and masters degree with certificates and diplomas. Candidates can choose from wide range of programs such as business, information technology, criminal justice, health science and so on. Online programs are also by Virginia College which is flexible enough for any working professionals.

DeVry University
DeVry University offers diplomas, certificates, associate degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Apart from the normal programs such as IT, business, health science, arts and science it also offers military programs for candidates who are interested in serving the country. For working people Online programs are made available which is flexible.

Ashford University
Ashford University is known for their quality online programs and offers more than 50 programs through campuses and online. The candidates who are interested in course through classes are slowly increasing. Ashford University offers accredited associate, bachelors and masters degree. All these degrees can be gained through online courses and credits are also transferred.

Capella University
Capella University is based in Minnesota and offers online courses to the candidates. Associate degrees, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degrees are offered by this university and it is also accredited. Majority of their students are at post graduation level. Few of the specializations which are offered by this university are in business, arts and science, IT, pubic safety and health and so on.

Post University
Post University is located in Connecticut which offers regular classes as well as day and evening classes. Online courses are available through satellites in Norwalk, Danbury, and Meriden. Post University offers bachelors degree in wide range of subjects like accounting, biology, business administration, finance and so on. MBA is offered in finance, marketing, Leadership and many more.


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