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Phlebotomy Defined

The average person may not have the slightest idea of what a phlebotomist is, or what they do. Within a hospital, or medical setting, a phlebotomist is someone who is responsible for blood drawing for diagnosis, research, or treatment of illnesses. It sounds very simple, but it is much more complex than you would think. It doesn’t just involve the drawing of blood, but the handling, and disposal of it as well. There are many rules and procedures that must be followed for the handling of blood. To prevent from blood contamination, and blood borne illness, specific steps to be maintained to prevent transmission of any viral or bacterial agents to the patient, among patients, to the phlebotomist, and the public at large.

Knowing all the procedures that are involved takes a specific type of training. If someone wishes to become a phlebotomist, they must first obtain their phlebotomy certification from accredited phlebotomy schools. There are many places of employment for a phlebotomist. They can work in a traditional hospital setting, a clinic, or can outsource for an institution like an insurance agency, or another private organization. It is one of the few occupations that continue to have more spaces to fill than qualified persons to fill them, making anyone who obtains a certification highly sought after, and with a high degree of job security.

Although anyone can become a phlebotomist, not everyone will chose it for a career. If you are considering a career in phlebotomy there are many phlebotomy certification programs available in both traditional classroom settings and online. If you are interested in getting your certification online, the experts at can help guide you to accredited phlebotomy schools located on the internet. They have the knowledge to guide you to the best phlebotomy schools for your career aspirations.

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