Phlebotomy Certification Online Programs Can Help You Find a Well Paying Job

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Phlebotomy Certification Online Programs Can Help You Find a Well Paying Job

Are you wondering how to break into the field of phlebotomy, the medical procedure of drawing, testing and storing blood? While there is an official degree required for this field in most states, you will substantially increase your odds of getting hired if you first complete a training program, and become a certified phlebotomist by successfully completing a minimum number of hours and a national exam. However, there is another option. Why not look into phlebotomy certification online programs?

Some schools actually base their entire curriculum off certification. These schools not only teach you fundamentals of blood work, but also provide for your hands-on training, skill review verification, and your continuing education. Some schools offer hands-on training by letting you extract blood from an actual patient. They may arrange for a field trip or take you to an actual hospital. This will later be a part of national certification, as you will have to successfully perform a given number of procedures without assistance, and complete a designated number of hours.

Going for phlebotomy certification online programs is very advantageous, as you are showing employers that you are trained, educated and ready to work. Did you know that most employer’s health-care workers would hire a phlebotomy technician even before hiring a medical assistant or licensed practical nurse, all because of certification? The lack of certification may even prevent someone from working, particularly in states like California. In some states like Michigan, it’s almost to the point that phlebotomists are being hired more often than nurses, since there are many graduate nurses who do not possess the experience required to find work.

The phlebotomy certification online programs you can get will give you the edge you need to find a job. Even if you currently work as a nurse or medical assistant, going and getting a phlebotomy certification can ensure your job stability, as you will now be certified to perform these procedures. Just because you have a higher education as a nurse doesn’t mean you will be able to perform phlebotomy procedures.

Training is essential for phlebotomy technicians, given the danger of extracting and handling blood, as well as the potential to make a mistake—and thus cost the facility a lot of money in a lawsuit. There will be many opportunities for work and not only in hospitals and clinics, but also in out-patient labs, nursing homes and blood banks. Why not look and see what online schools are available in your area?

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