Pertinent Information About Phlebotomy Certifications and Course Work

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Pertinent Information About Phlebotomy Certifications and Course Work

If you are interested in phlebotomy as a career then no doubt you are considering the matter of schooling very cautiously. No one wants to invest money and time in an educational venture that won’t provide you any accredited value. What should you be looking for?

Accreditation is the most important factor, since without this standardized curriculum, the education means nothing. Furthermore, you must make sure that the school you select helps you get certified. In order to become certified, and thus open greater career opportunities to you, you will have to pass a state exam. The certification course can be as quick as six weeks or as long as a year, depending on the school and on your own level of study.

Technically speaking, there is no requirement for a hospital or private practice clinic hiring an entry level phlebotomist in training. However, practically all medical employers are looking to hire students who know what they’re doing—as in taking a class on the subject or phlebotomy certifications. In actuality, you are the blood drawing expert. Nurses may even ask you to assist them with a hard-to-find vein.

Naturally, you will want to accumulate experience after certification and schooling, as most big hospitals will want experience in the field. Nevertheless, phlebotomy certifications and schooling might be enough to land an entry level job. You will be collecting specimens of all sorts, and not limited to blood. Workers in this field must also handle sputum, feces, urine and other bodily fluids. The blood drawing process requires that you learn the equipment and also learn ways to find the best vein for extracting blood.

There are different tools to learn, including needles, syringes and hubs. In addition to finding a vein, you must also extract the correct amount of blood and then deposit it into a specimen tube. It is then your job to send the sample to the lab for testing. You must learn the codes for tubes, and also learn about additives that allow the blood to clot or to prevent it from clotting. Phlebotomy certifications schooling can help you in this regard.

This is a career that continues to grow. Phlebotomy is expected to grow 14% over the next ten years, and besides physicians and hospitals, there are also employment opportunities in blood banks and medical laboratories. For more information on phlebotomy certifications look up an online school that offers accredited schooling and assistance with certification.

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