Online Phlebotomy Certification and Your Future Career

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Online Phlebotomy Certification and Your Future Career

If you are interested in pursuing an online phlebotomy certification (through an online school) then it’s best to review a little information about the career of a phlebotomist. These medical lab technicians specialize in blood work. They are responsible for blood testing, which will help patients to uncover diseases, bacterial infections, high cholesterol and other important data.

Phlebotomists work under the supervision of doctors and pathologists. They can work in private practice or in blood banks or in labs or even hospitals. The work involves obtaining blood samples and then preparing the samples for tests. There are actually a few ways to obtain blood, depending on how much is needed. They must prep the equipment and verify a patient’s medical records for the doctor. It is the phlebotomist’s job to store the sample and then prepare them for testing. Collecting and screening samples would be within their duties if they worked at a blood bank.

The good news is that within the next ten years the field is expected to grow by 14%, significantly more than the average profession. Laboratories and research facilities were expected to require more phlebotomists as well as medical facilities.

An online phlebotomy certification will help you land a job faster than simply applying without any medical knowledge or background. In many states, phlebotomists complete certification programs in order to be eligible for a state license. The educational requirements differ, but accredited courses offering certification help are a sure bet. Of course, clinical experience also helps so make plans to work your way up, perhaps starting in a smaller office.

What does an online phlebotomy certification course cover? Such a course would discuss important points like anatomy, disease control, medical equipment and patient care. In addition to blood work and testing procedures, students will also learn how to treat patients. Patients are often times nervous and sometimes faint; a student will be taught how to identify problems before they happen. There is also plenty to learn regarding types of needles that may be required, not to mention insertion and puncture wound treatment afterward.

If you are interested in learning and starting a career in medicine then consider online phlebotomy certification for an entry level position. Be persistent in looking for employment and be sure to call all sorts of medical facilities. With accredited schooling and certification, you may be surprised with what opportunities await you!

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