How Will Online Phlebotomy Certification Help You?

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How Will Online Phlebotomy Certification Help You?

If you want to get a job as an entry level phlebotomist then an online phlebotomy certification will help, as will an education from an accredited school. These medical professionals are the ones who work with blood. They draw blood and are responsible for taking the blood samples to the labs for testing. While nurses know how to perform phlebotomy procedures, in busy hospitals employers may decide to hire more phlebotomists as a means to expedite procedures and free up nurses for extra tasks.

The career outlook for phlebotomy is promising, as this career is expected to grow 14% over the next few years. You could work in a hospital, a private practice facility or clinic, or even a blood bank or laboratory. Other places for employment include insurance companies, research facilities, or nursing homes. Besides blood work, you may be called upon to complete other tasks such as preparing patients’ medical records and collecting donor blood. Sometimes these professionals may also work as medical assistants.

Your best bet for finding a job in phlebotomy would be a hospital, though the catch is that hospitals want to employ experienced workers. Therefore, an online education might not be enough to land a hospital-caliber position right away. Perhaps going after your online phlebotomy certification and working as a private practice assistant will help you climb the ladder. Online phlebotomy certification certainly helps, as entry level workers without formal education can make as little as $7.00 per hour in some areas. The education you bring makes all the difference in salary.

Once you do find a job in a hospital, you can make up to $30,000 per year, and the bigger hospital you find employment at, the more you make. Usually, employers scrutinize work experience and history. The median national annual salary is $29,631. Salary is further affected by specialization, location (big cities vs. smaller towns) and other factors.

Another part of your job may well be handling patients’ histories. Remember, every time you draw blood or send out lab samples, you are creating and adding to that patient’s history. This will be part of their record for an entire lifetime. The biohazard risk of working with bodily fluids also requires that students learn about safety and handling materials with caution. For more on an online phlebotomy certification and schooling course, look up online schools in your area that offer this specialty training.

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