How Can You Identify Quality Phlebotomy Certification Online Programs?

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How Can You Identify Quality Phlebotomy Certification Online Programs?

If you are interested in finding reliable income and an exciting career working with blood and medicine then consider phlebotomy and medical assisting. Phlebotomy primarily involves extracting and testing blood, along with other work related to the procedure. Phlebotomy certification online programs can help you learn the profession well before you get started on the job. Certification will help you find better opportunities than just a high school diploma or even an Associate’s Degree.

First, understand that the field of phlebotomy is somewhat unregulated. There are no minimum standards unlike other medical personnel. Therefore, it helps tremendously for you to be educated in the field before applying for a job. However, what is considered a quality, accredited program?

Proper accreditation refers to a school program approved by a peer review board, which is an assemblage of high reputation faculty members. Accreditation guarantees compatibility with other schools and employers; you can transfer credits and expect to be treated as an equal with a vocational school or traditional college graduate.

Bear in mind that as you finish phlebotomy certification online programs (which will only take a few months or perhaps less) you must get some hands-on training from a starting positions. Some schools may offer hands on-training but not all will. In order to become properly certified and licensed, you may require some blood drawing experience on live patients. Usually, certification involves students performing a minimum number of successful unaided blood collections, including both venipunctures as well as capillary collections.

Some schools actually help you achieve certification and thus will provide this extra hands-on training. Be sure to check out the phlebotomy certification online programs and determine whether their unique curriculum touches upon all of the achievements you need.

Certification will involve preparing for an exam to be delivered by the American Credentialing Agency, the American Society for Clinical Pathology, National Center for Competency Testing or the American Medical Technologists.

Most states do require licensing for phlebotomists, though certification is not the same thing. (A few states also require certification in addition to licensing) If you are going to school then look for a program that offers certification assistance, as most employers will prefer to deal with certified individuals who have passed a national exam. The exam itself will cover questions pertaining to laboratory procedures, specimen collection, handling of equipment and safety issues.

Why not look into phlebotomy certification online programs today?

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