A Risky Occupation

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A Risky Occupation

Not everyone is cut out for the medical profession.There are many who can’t stand the sight of blood, ruling out many of the professions of the medical field, especially a phlebotomist. A phlebotomist is someone who is qualified to draw blood. If you faint at the sight of blood, it is not something that you should consider. If blood doesn’t bother you, then it may be a viable option to make good money and have job security.

It seems ridiculous that a whole career can be built around the drawing of blood. It isn’t just about drawing blood. A phlebotomist is responsible for the containment of blood borne illnesses. The potential for blood borne illness has increased over the past couple of decades with the aids scare. It brought the reality of how blood can transmit disease from one person to another to the forefront of the concern of medical personnel everywhere. New guidelines have been put into place, and constantly updated for the safety of the patients, the physicians and the public at large. It has also put a scare into many individuals making phlebotomy a field that not many will chose, and one that commands a high salary.

If you are one of the few people who think that they can draw blood for a living, and are alright with the potential hazards of the occupation, then it is something that will give you the stability you need. In today’s job market it will also give you the job security that is hard to find. Earning your phlebotomy certification is not a difficult task. The professionals at phlebotomycertifications.com can help guide you to the best phlebotomy schools for your desired career path. Since not all phlebotomy schools are the same, they can compare phlebotomy schools and get you started with the one that best lines up with your needs.

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