A Career in Phlebotomy and Certification Online Choices

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A Career in Phlebotomy and Certification Online Choices

Are you interested in a high paying career in medicine and health care? Sure, but you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have the time or money to become a doctor.” No need to…you can actually find a rewarding career as a phlebotomist and get started right away after taking a course for phlebotomy certification online. What is phlebotomy and what does certification mean?

Phlebotomy is a medical position involving blood drawing and testing. Therefore, you must not be squeamish since your job will mostly consist of working with blood and veins. In addition to taking blood, the phlebotomist might also handle other administrative or clinical tasks, depending on the hospital, clinic or private practice they work for.

There is always a demand for experienced and educated phlebotomists in hospitals, blood banks, labs and other medical facilities. Most large facilities will actually staff more than one phlebotomist. In addition, phlebotomists may also work as a medical assistant, particularly in smaller facilities.

States do require the licensing and registration of phlebotomists, though many states can add phlebotomy to a list of medical assistant duties after the person takes a phlebotomy certification online. Courses online can take up to a year, or be completed as soon as six weeks. You can also receive on the job training.

The courses are direct and thus can be completed quickly. You will mostly be learning about human anatomy, physiology, blood collection (and other bodily fluids), skin puncturing, and of course, safety. Blood is considered a biohazard and extreme caution must be taken while doing this work. Education is very important, as medical facilities can be sued for improper billing procedures and mistakes involving blood. Therefore, employers want to hire phlebotomists who are educated and have some experience.

Whenever looking for a phlebotomy certification online, be sure that the school offers the latest information as pertains to industry standards. Outdated information is of no use to you. In fact, a school’s reputation means everything. Employers want applicants with training and certification (meaning a high standard in accordance with phlebotomists around the nation); indicating a higher standard of worker.

If you are interested in a taking on an exciting career and one that doesn’t require year after year of schooling then think about phlebotomy! A certification online is easy and you can find accredited schools that can adapt to your schedule thanks to online correspondence. Why not start looking today?

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