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Do you want a career in the medical field? A Phlebotomy Certification can get you started.

It may be a dirty job, but someone has got to do it. Not only is phlebotomy a great career choice for job security, it is also a great way to earn a living. If you are someone who is not squeamish before the sight of blood, you may have a true calling. A career in phlebotomy is a great way to join the medical field in an integral capacity and earn a degree that makes you highly specialized and sought after.

Phlebotomists are those professionals who are responsible for drawing blood from patients that is used for diagnosis and treatment of certain conditions. Although the job of physicians and nurses in recent past, it is a new subspecialty that requires a certification and has extensive training involved. Top phlebotomy schools will train you on the procedures needed to draw blood that minimizes the potential for blood borne contamination. It keeps the patient, the surroundings, and the professionals drawing blood, safe from exposure. It may not sound like the most exciting job, but the job opportunities and earning potential, is.

You are able to work in both a hospital, or clinical setting, once you complete your phlebotomy career training. If you are having a difficult time finding the best phlebotomy certification programs, enlist the help of We can compare phlebotomy schools and find the best one for your individual career aspirations. We have the knowledge to help you through your school decision all the way to enrollment and onto the path of a wonderful, rewarding medical career.

Popular Programs

Lincoln Tech

If you are interested in obtaining your degree as a phlebotomist, Lincoln Tech has the perfect program for you. An online certification program, courses are offered on your schedule and on your time line. You are able to continue to work full-time which allows earning the degree affordable. A phlebotomy certification will train you in extracting blood from patients to run tests for diagnostic purposes. Making sure to train for safe practices is priority number one. With hands-on training, and faculty available for support, a certification from Lincoln Tech will get you on the path to your career aspirations.


If you are interested in obtaining a degree as a phlebotomist, look no further than Fortis College. A phlebotomist is an individual who is trained to extract blood from individuals to diagnose and treat many different conditions. Learning safe practices is strictly taught and adhered to. Being able to earn your certificate online is not only convenient, but for some the only way possible. Courses offered online allow you to earn your certificate at your own pace and within your own timeframe. With hands on training that you would not expect from an online institution, it is missing nothing from a campus course. Get started on your career path today by earning your degree from the highly accredited Fortis College.

Bryant and Stratton University

If you are considering earning your certificate of phlebotomy, look no further than Bryant and Stratton University. Offering an online certificate, obtaining one is not only convenient, but in most cases necessary. A phlebotomist is a professional who is trained to extract blood from an individual for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Learning the correct procedures is imperative not only for your own safety, but for the clients safety as well. Bryant and Stratton University takes safety training very seriously. Don’t waste another day working at your job, when you can earn a degree, and start on your new career path today.


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